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Welcoming Brad Asche to Brumfield Angus Farms Team

Frank Brumfield and Brumfield Angus Farms are very excited to introduce Brad Asche of Glenwood, Iowa as the incoming Director of Operations for Brumfield Angus. Brad is a lifelong cattleman who has worked with high end Angus since his earliest days in the cattle industry. Brad’s diversified experience, love and respect of the cattle business, tireless work ethic, and ability to listen to breeders and align with their individual needs of their cattle herd make him a great fit for Brumfield Angus Farms operations – both the registered and commercial units.

Frank Brumfield, cattle manager Kyle Vehige, and the rest of the Brumfield Angus team cannot wait to have Brad come aboard as they continue their mission to breed superior Angus genetics that are relevant in today’s industry. The future of Brumfield Angus is in good hands with the addition of Brad to an already talented team. Brumfield Angus Farms is determined to forge an elite position in the Angus industry, and Brad will be a key piece to help guide us along that journey.

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