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Ben Leung of The FSB Companies runs a strategy workshop.


We are not your average investment firm … we don’t neatly fit into the labels of angel, micro venture capital, or venture capital firm.


A fast-moving private investment firm.

We are small, highly flexible, and can move quickly because we don’t have the bureaucracy or the overhead of a fund.


Larger than you might expect for being a small office.
We have over 40 investments that are hand-picked by our founder Frank Brumfield.


Extremely and intentionally diversified.
We are financially and industry diverse; investing anywhere from $50,000-$5,000,000 in technology, agribusiness, healthcare, real estate, automotive, energy, and everything in between.


Innovative and able to create solutions.
We incubate and co-found several original projects based on brand new ideas or some that evolve from working with our current investments.

Involved and engaged throughout growth pains and gains.
We roll up our sleeves and dig in through a myriad of ways to help give investments momentum through growth stages.

Here's Who We Are:
Culture, Beliefs, Values
Sportsman's Marina in Brandon Mississippi is a FSB Companies current Portfolio Investment


The FSB culture is centered around key beliefs and core values. Together, these create a unique environment unlike other private investment fund companies.

Our Beliefs:

Excel at diversity ... Gain rewards.

Do the right thing ... The money will follow.

Have a plan and be flexible ... Acheive the best results for the team.

Communicate clearly and directly ... Solve problems efficiently.


Our Values:
  • Embrace change.

  • Act with integrity always.

  • Engage each day with passion.

  • Take chances on the right people.

  • Foster unity with the team and clients.

  • Appreciate a diverse and creative team.

  • Seek innovative solutions for constant improvement


Our Culture:

In corporate America, there’s a misconception that anyone less than an expert is not worth hiring. We disagree. In our world of rapid innovation, we often find that the exact opposite can be the winning formula. We take chances on people with diverse backgrounds and versatile skills because we know the variety of challenges we face. The right combinations of people will bring the creative and divergent thinking that unlocks the most value.

It’s a fact that money can keep a venture going. It can also be the reward that drives people forward. However, sometimes it can just be a number for keeping score. At FSB Companies, we believe having a passion for your business is the key for success.

We bring transparency to our collaborations by saying what we mean. We do what we said we would do- integrity couldn’t be much simpler. Our team is a united front towards a shared goal becaus time is too valuable to waste with a team that’s inefficieint.

You’ll never wonder where we stand. We’ll create the best solution possible and then execute it accordingly. Should the results be less than expected, we will, with great humility find what went wrong, throw out what doesn’t work, and start over with a fresh set of eyes. We believe that we should never stop growing and looking for new ideas.

Investment Philosophy
Montgomery Biscuits in Montgomery, Alabama, are a current investment of The FSB Companies


"In our experience, FSB has demonstrated a unique combination of patience, generosity and intelligence, along with a broad ranging “investing” continuum. We are grateful to have them in our corner."

-Jodi Glickman, Founder/President of Great on the Job

Our Approach:

At the FSB Companies, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach with our investing platform. We find that there are often threads of commonality in what can help an investment move forward. However, we also understand that no one company, investment, or idea is the same and shouldn’t be handled as such. We invest in many different industries at many different growth-stages.


Diversified Involvement:

Our portfolio includes the stability of real estate and other long-term investments, the diligence and creativity of growth stage investments, and the excitement of angel and seed-stage investments. Depending on the need, we work to create and add value to our investments through a number of different ways:


• Board advisory
• Business analysis
• Business networking opportunities
• Financial backing
• Growth strategy
• Management Oversight
• Software product management


We believe our energetic, creative, thoughtful and individualist approach to managing the portfolio benefits not just our partners, but ourselves as well.


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